Facility to work while studying gives UK education system an edge, says British Council.

Dubai, UAE, 28 October 2013: Marc Jessel, British Council Country Director, UAE, has said that the UK offers better options for university studies than many other Western countries, especially the work permit system which allows students to work on campus and through the summer break. 

Speaking to the media, Mr.Jessel said that the UK offers a 12-month masters degree programme.  This is welcomed by UAE students who prefer to complete their masters and take up a job in their home country, instead of having to study for a further year. Moreover, the UK offers taught PHD programmes  that combine research with classroom activity.

Jessel added: “The UK is just six and half hours away from UAE, which keeps students in closer proximity with their home. In addition, tuition fees are very competitive and courses are condensed.”

British Council has recently organized EDUKEX which is part of its initiatives to enhance cultural and educational relations between the UAE and UK. The main objective of EDUKEX is to raise awareness of the quality of UK education and the extensive choice of courses and institutions on offer at every academic level.

He added: “British Council's education initiatives have long been a part of the UAE education landscape, and EDUKEX is an important component of this. By providing UAE students opportunities to obtain UK qualifications, we are enabling them to return to the UAE and contribute to the economy with their entrepreneurial ideas.”

From accountancy to zoology, visitors to the exhibition were able to gather information on hundreds of courses being delivered by institutions across the UK.

Jessel said: “Potential students and visitors to EDUKEX were given the chance to learn about English language courses, vocational courses and higher education courses.”

Representatives from a range of universities, including University of Aberdeen, University of Northampton, University of Hertfordshire, Manchester, Leeds and London Metropolitan University and The University of East Anglia expressed satisfaction overthe response to their participation.

Note: According to UK Border Agency (UKBA), if students are going to a Higher Education institution for a degree qualification or above, they get 20 hours’ work a week either on or off campus.  During  summer they can work full time.  If they are going to Higher Education Institution for a course below degree level, they are allowed 10 hours’ work. Also, students going to publicly funded colleges get 10 hour’s work, though they are not granted a work-permit if they got to a private college.